That it is impossible to say to own man?

That it is impossible to say to own man?

In all relations there are restrictions. As though you were not close, but completely natural and frank you can be only alone with yourselves. Do not create a mystery nimbus round itself, but after all certain things should remain purely female and to guys about their nobility not so by all means.

About it infrequently write and not дискуссируют in a circle of friends, but the subject cannot be avoided, as though we do not notice it. Against the nature there’s nothing to be done: periodically the human body makes opposite sounds, a smell, and antidote to this natural process any is not present. In everything during some moment the moment when the reality comes to replacement to romanticism comes. But despite of inevitability of similar situations, it is necessary to try not to get to them when are near own 2nd half. Men do not adore to create in women of ordinary people, for their darling at first the lady. He should not be acquainted about your critical days, intimate hygiene and depilation.

You will not argue: men – still those gossips. But one business, дискуссировать the new secretary on work in the company of children, and absolutely another – to listen about unnecessary pregnancy of the girlfriend of own maiden. Arrange hen nights where you can share together the most sacred more often. But with the guy choose other subjects for conversations, without devoting it in your ladies’ gossips and hearings. So you show respect for own close girlfriend which will not be obvious in ecstasy of that her private life дискуссируется with the third party, and will relieve the beloved from useless инфы.

In the modern world, and day you will not live without communication in social networks, Skype, by the mobile phone. Wishing to keep a privacy, all correspondence you keep under the personal password. Your degree of trust to the guy was not seemingly high, to give it the passwords at all for what. It to a meeting will have an invincible temptation to check you and povsevremenno to keep control.

Discontent with members of his family, and directly mother, it is also best of all to throw at for itself. He values the relations with native, and his your outlook can offend very much, and in certain cases, push away from you. Try to stand neuter: if did not leave to become friends with his mother, express it the respect and razlyubezny communication with it leave only for family holidays. In that case all remain are happy.

Very much we like to complain to men about the full feet or a small breast, with that to hear from it pleasant words in reply. Cease to point to the defects which, most likely, you for yourselves and invented. He loves your body, and any criticism to it is necessary. If wish to make better the physical form, to make a body sexy and tightened povsevremenno work over itself and do without innumerable complaints to people around.

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