Sociologists christened the best phrases for flirtation

Sociologists christened the best phrases for flirtation

Sociologists caused the best quotes for flirtation from films. At all this in poll inhabitants of the USA, England, Canada, Australia and the Latest Zealand accepted a role.

The ladies participating in research, gave the 1st place to the phrase said by heroine Audrey Hepburn in the film "Charade" of 1963: "Whether understand, I do not bite … Till that time while me about it will not ask".

On the second place there was a quote from a picture "To have or not to have" (1944), said Lorin Bekoll: "You should not say something. Well unless whistle. You understand as to whistle, whether not so, Steve? You simply connect sponges and blow".

The three of favourites is closed by Cathleen Turner’s expression in the film "Who framed up hare Roger?": "You do not understand, how it is heavy to live to the lady with my exterior".

Participants of poll preferred quotes with humour, instead of the phrases containing hints on obscenity.

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Men gave the 1st place to the quote from a picture of 1932 "A shadow to the South", said Bette Davies: "I would wish you to kiss, but I only just washed up the head".

"Do not worship to me till that time while I will not deserve it" is Shirley Makleyn’s expression from a tape "Tenderness language" – took the 2nd place.

The third place of the man gave to dialogues of boundaries Lorin Bekoll and her partner Humphrey Bogart in "To have or not to have".

Poll was dated for future anniversary Oscar award ceremony. Let’s remind, the Yuzhnoamerikansky film academy will distribute the merits on February 24. Its text translation can be beheld on I Wish.

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