Glamour magazines change the relation of ladies to sex

Glamour magazines change the relation of ladies to sex

Scientists from Institute of Michigan caused that reading ladies’ magazines cardinally changes the relation of ladies to sex. And it is direct, specialists learned that specifically glamour editions can essentially influence that maidens will begin to make love more often, will aspire to develop the sexuality.

Scientists interrogated 160 ladies, and practically all of them told that after reading in magazines of materials on the subject of sex, they raised a libido, they would like intim more often and they contemplated pleasure in the premarital relations. Those maidens who became engrossed in reading of the ordinary periodical press, could not повытрепываться same and considered sex before marriage by brave occupation.

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Also lovers of glamour editions do not adore sexy games with submission to the partner, are very active and often strive only on the pleasure.

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