How влюбить in itself the male Maiden?

How влюбить in itself the male Maiden?

Periodically it seems to us, as though we know that is necessary for another. We can be convinced that our acquaintances Petja and Luda so approach the friend the friend («well, simply faultless pair»), but for some reason or other do not guess yet it, and here Edik – specifically that man who is necessary to us («our 2nd half»), and it too still does not know it. And we plan for another, we dream, we try to inform this "truth" to people around. But, as they say, you want to make laugh God – tell it about own plans.

We made such introduction not simply, after all speech about the male Maiden now will go. And illusion of ladies and an ikhnastoychivost in the love relations with it can lead to the most bad consequences.

Maiden: pretended that втюрился.
Comic horoscope

With whom it is dealt?

Outlook of astronomers: The ordinary representative of this sign bears responsibility and is reliable, даровит the developed reason and analytical possibilities. For it, as well as for though what man, the freedom of action is basic.

He thinks much of work and considers it not only only as a method to earn means, well and as occupation which brings it a moral ublazheniye. Male Maidens truly observe arrangements and it is considered that in the middle of their huge number of successful people with business tenacious. The male Maiden has no desires, it has purposes which are really achievable. Defects of Maidens call a pedantry and fault-finding.

Though the people born under this sign, aspire to spread out in own head a situation or properties of the person to small details, having revealed itself all his "pluses" and "minuses", it is heavy to them to combine a picture as a whole. And times, carried away by criticism and world improvement round us, they absolutely запамятывают how this world is magnificent.

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Note: For the lady who chooses that man, essentially complete understanding of the world: if in our life there is something "bad" or "imperfect", it is necessary to get rid of it? Or can realize better why it exists, whether why it is necessary for us indeed is "bad"?

Lady of his dream

Outlook of astronomers: For terrestrial symbols essentially that the lady who will be with them, would be him the friend. Therefore at a choice of the companion of life they pay the attention to its natural beauty and do not adore game in feelings or an excessive coquetry.

The faultless lady for the male Maiden is magnificent, with distinguished manners and the expressed identity. It is not extravagant, and is well-groomed and clean. In it there is no obscenity and vulgarity place. It is clever and with comfort, knows cost to money, is financially independent, and can estimate on advantage own workmate.

The male Maiden belongs to for itself self-critically and knows that the lady who is necessary to it, – is unique and, the main thing, will adore its such what it is. After all it does not belong to those who loves rough sensual splashes, and perfectly itself feels, when everything around is weakened and to it let’s be engaged in that business which is pleasant to it.

Note: Astronomers joke that terrestrial signs say I "love" once in life when propose marriage to marry. For their love is not romantic words, and their relation to the house and the acts directed on the maintenance of own family.

«Bachili оч і, що купували»

Outlook of astronomers: The male Maiden, according to stars, will aspire to that in the house everything was repaired and adjusted, and things lay on own places. He will try to provide to a family the measured income. Instead of own material care from the lady he expects an order and comfort in the house, the skilled appeal with the family budget, also tenderness and warmth.

For the man in the house essentially to be the Man, to feel the advantage over the lady. In what it will be expressed – a personal record of each pair. And though the ordinary Maiden carefully treats the family relations and the forces will direct on keeping them if him absolutely will wear out, it can without reflecting to tear business and to sue for divorce.

Note: To a rupture of the relations with the Maiden, as well as with though what other person, can bring never-ending competitions in what the lady povsevremenno is in the lead («I best of all, more quickly and more cleverly») or povsevremenno shows, as as it is necessary to make («again you did not make that I told»). What does it do by such actions? Desire to strive on it? Or at all discourages to do something? After all for what to make an effort and provide a family if the lady in it became a man.

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