The salary of the lady influences an erection of her man

The salary of the lady influences an erection of her man

The income of the spouse in relation to earnings of the spouse is higher, the more at the last appears troubles with an erection – consider at present not vsesushchy English, and the Danish scientists.

The research carried out in Denmark showed that in families where spouses earn less wives, use "Viagra" and other drugs stimulating an erection essentially more often. Naturally, the Danish scientists do not call accurate events of this phenomenon. But write that falling to "man’s hardness», most likely, is promoted by pride loss, also anger and despair because of the developed material situation.

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In the general difficulty, in research accepted a role more than 200 тыщ married couples so the found conclusions can be called the completely reasonable.

At all this the overestimated demand for "Viagra" was observed even in those families where spouses earned only a little bit more husbands. It appeared, what even the insignificant difference already assists in the income to development of erektilny not functionality in young men which are internally yet ready to give to ladies a rank of the main getters and supporters in a family.

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